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Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 - 10:00 - 12:00
BRITISH AMBASSADOR'S RESIDENCE ( ID required at the entrance)


Historian Robert Neff will be speaking about Seoul's haunted past - come and be spooked out!
(Due to security only those who have signed up will be able to attend)

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Cost: W10,000 suggested donation to BASS charities 



Korea’s Haunted Past

Korea is often known as the “Land of the Morning Calm” but not everything was so calm in its past.  In the late 1890s, one American missionary described Korea as the most haunted place on earth and, according to him, demons and ghost could be found everywhere:


“They haunt every umbrageous tree, shady ravine, spring and mountain crest.  On green hill slopes, in peaceful agricultural valleys, in grassy dells, on wooded uplands, by lake and stream, by road and river, in north, south, east, and west they abound, making malignant sport out of human destinies. They are on every roof, ceiling, oven and beam. They fill the chimney, shed, the living room, the kitchen - they are on every shelf and jar. In thousands they waylay the traveler as he leaves his home, beside him, behind him, dancing in front of him, whirring over his head, crying out upon him from air, earth, and water.”


In a land haunted by so much evil it is little wonder that Koreans were kept “in a perpetual state of nervous apprehension” for fear that they would somehow offend the spirits and suffer extreme consequences: disease, war and death.


Join Robert in a brief examination of not only Korea’s haunted past but of its haunted present; even now there are those (maybe some of you) who claim to be tormented by Korea’s restless spirits.


Robert Neff has authored or co-authored several books including: Letters from JoseonKorea Through Western Eyes and The Lives of Westerners in Joseon and also writes a column for Korea Times and 10 Magazine.
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