WALKIE TALKIE-Mt Gwanaksan (not part of the Seoul Trail)

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Wednesday, 7 November, 2018 - 09:00 - 15:00
Meet: Gwacheon Station, line 4, exit 7
Members free, non-members 10,000 KRW to BASS charity


Please note that this is an all day trip

ROUTE GRADING: 4 (Grade 1=easy, grade 4=very difficult)
Rocky peaks and deep valleys give Gwanaksan a rugged feel as you climb up to the peak at 629m. At the mountain’s summit are the Wongaksa Temple and Yeonjuam Hermitage and the view from here is amazing. 
This is a challenging walk with a difficult (optional) section at the very end but it is well worth the effort.
Please bring plenty of water and snacks.
Hiking boots are advisable.
For further information contact Stephanie on 010 4912 6755
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