WALKIE TALKIE-Mt Namhansanseong (not part of the Seoul trail)

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Wednesday, 19 September, 2018 - 09:00 - 15:00
MEET: Sanseong Station, line 8, exit 2 (from where we will take a bus).
Members free, non -members 10,000 KRW


ROUTE GRADING: 3+/4 as there are some very steep sections to climb up and down and it is a long walk (Grade 1=easy, grade 4= very difficult)

This will be an all day trip to Namhansanseong which has recently been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. We will walk around the old fortress wall which has fantastic views over Seoul and visit the Mangwolsa and Janggyeongsa temples. There will also be a late lunch stop at a local Korean style restaurant at the end of the walk.
Please bring plenty of water and snacks!!
Hiking boots are advisable.
For further information contact Stephanie on 010 4912 6755
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