Teri Oonjon (Driver)

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Drinking and driving is never a good idea in any country and Korea is no exception. Korean police are extremely adept at placing breath-test roadblocks at locations that are impossible to avoid once you can see them. Refusal to take the breath-test will result in cancellation of your license. You are legally drunk in Korea when you have a blood-alcohol level of 0.05% or higher. Driving while intoxicated can result in anywhere from your license being suspended for 100 days to being cancelled altogether, and well as you being issued a hefty fine. So Koreans have come up with a convenient service whereby you can hire a driver to drive your car home for you! These saviors are known as a teri oonjon in Korean. Remember, it's always best to get a referral from a friend of a teri oonjon that you can trust.