Seoul Shelter for Women

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The Seoul Shelter for Women was established in 1961. For many years, the shelter for 170 women was unable to provide even filtered water for its residents. When Sister Veronica took the shelter over from the government in 2007, the women were still boiling their water to make it suitable for drinking. 

The majority of the women at Seoul Shelter are mentally challenged. They come from broken homes, broken marriages, have suffered abuse, and in some instances, have parents who are unable to take care of their special needs.  

On average, between four to seven women arrive at the Shelter every night. It is meant to be a first-stop facility but it is often very difficult to find new homes for the women, so many stay almost permanently. 

To keep the women engaged and active, Sister Veronica introduced packaging work like bag making and box assembling. The work is therapeutic and also generates pocket money for the women. 

In 2009, BASS helped the Shelter by purchasing worktables and chairs to assist the women in their work. Prior to this, the women had been working on the floor.