Gangjingun Multi-Cultural Family Support Centre

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BASS President Helen Bridgman and welfare team members with Sister Cho

This project was funded jointly by BASS,  ANZA, SIWA, AWC and The AWC Thrift Store.

The 5 groups came together to buy a mini-van to be used by this family support centre. It will allow support staff to more easily visit multi-cultural families living in rural locations. The centre provides family and marriage counselling, language and cultural training and family activities. The mini-van also permits families to travel to the centre for social opportunity and organised multi-cultural activities.

The centre is run by the Seton Sisters with some financial support from the government.

This is the second year running the 5 groups have come together to make a significant donation of KRW 25 million to a single project. In 2010, Seoul Shelter For Women received a mini-van from the combined efforts of our groups. Working together in this way also allows us to share information about deserving projects and expand our overall knowledge of welfare activities in Korea.