Anna House

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Visitors can take as much food as they like; for many this is their only meal of the day
Many of the servers are volunteers from local businesses. BASS has also sent volunteers to help in this way.
Bags containing the few possessions of some of the visitors
Father Vincenzo Bordo and one of the first young men to successfully graduate from a group home., now working locally.

Anna House soup kitchen is located in Seongnam, just south of Seoul. It is an NGO with a board of governors made up of volunteers, with Father Vincenzo Bordo the appointed manager.

Every day between 400 and 500 homeless and very low income people arrive in search of a hot meal between 4:30 and 7:30pm. This is the only facility in the Seoul area where the homeless are fed indoors and the only one offering an evening meal. 

Most of those attending are men aged 35-45. Many suffered neglect and instability as children and have consequently never adapted to the routine of regular employment. Others are victims of business failure or are suffering psychiatric illness. Some are labourers from rural areas who come to Seoul in winter in search of work. Some local very low-income elderly persons also attend.

There is facility to take a shower and select items of clothing from a clothing bank. Doctors, dentists and barbers attend once a week. For those who are willing and able, Anna House offers a number of daily programmes including alcoholism counselling, assistance with job search and application and a school programme. Recently dyslexia support for children has been added and is open to local low-income families.

This year BASS gave KRW 5.6 million towards food and other daily operating costs. This is enough to run the soup kitchen for just 4 days.

This facility is heavily reliant on donations, receiving only minimal government support. If you can help with donations of cash or food, especially rice, please contact them on

Anna House also needs volunteers to help in the soup kitchen 6 days a week. Please contact them if you are interested.