Asan Shelter and Daejon PAWS - Abandoned Animals

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This year, the proceeds of the BASS Christmas Fair were given to 2 animal shelters. In Britain, we are used to the now traditional message that " A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" and the Committee wanted to support a similar need in Korea.

Many animals are abandoned in Korea each year, but there are several shelters where these abandoned animals will be taken in and cared for, if they ae lucky. All of these shelters are run by private individulas and are entirely dependent on donations and volunteers.

In both cases, the money given has been used to buy essential supplies of food, grooming and cleaning materials and to pay utility bills which will benefit all the animals at the shelters in question.

All the animal shelters in Korea are very, very basic and run on a shoe-string but there are many beautiful animals waiting in them, often in sub-zero temperatures, hoping to find a new, loving home. If you would like to know more about the shelters and animals available for adoption, please go to