New Light Community, Seoul

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New Light Community, Seoul is one of only 4 centres in Korea offering residential care to people who have recently been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is not well understood in Korea and the public in general are fearful of the disease, an attitude that is fuelled by negative media reports and images. As a result, at the time of diagnosis, HIV/AIDS sufferers often find themselves out of work and ostracised by their family and friends.

New Light offers emotional support, counselling and nursing care. Residents are expected to stay for about 6 months, after which it is hoped they will be physically well and confident enough to return to live in the community. Some residents also have other complicated illnesses such as TB and cancer and will have to stay for longer.

New Light Community receives no government support and the welfare support received by the residents is sufficient only to cover the costs of their medication. So the Community is wholly reliant on donations from individuals, companies and groups such as BASS.

In 2011, BASS gave KRW 10 million towards operating costs.

In 2012, BASS has given KRW 20 million, to pay for essential repairs to the building (eradication of damp in bedrooms, several new windows) and the balance will go towards operating costs.