St Colomban's Home for the Elderly, Chuncheon

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Sister Nora, Helen and Kerrie with the new shower trolley
Sister Nora, Helen and Kerrie in the resident's lounge
A new building has recently been added to the Home, increasing capacity
With 90 elderly residents, the laundry is always busy

Another project with which BASS has a long standing relationship, at The St Colomban's Home in Chuncheon Sister Hanora (Nora) Wiseman, her staff and a large team of volunteers provide nursing and hospice care to about 90 elderly residents, both men and women.

This year Sister Nora asked for our assistance in replacing a shower trolley, essential equipment for bathing in a manner which is safe an comfortable for both residents and carers.

In January 2013, we visited the Home the day after the shower trolley, imported from Netherlands, was delivered. We were also able to see a new building, recently completed, which has allowed overall capacity to increase by 10 persons and to see the many refurbishments made to the original building to allow for better patient care, in line with new Government regulations.