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BASS organises many events for the enjoyment of members and their families. Non-members are welcome at most BASS events, but may be required to pay more to enjoy the fun. Please visit our Membership page to find out more about becoming a member.

BASS hosts monthly, annual and special events.

Regular activities include:



On the first Thursday of every month we get together for coffee and socializing at a variety of interesting cafes around Seoul.  This is often followed by lunch or a wander around the neighborhood for anyone who is interested. 

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Whether you view it as a way to socialise, a way to keep fit, a way of seeing nature or perhaps a mix of all three, the Wednesday morning Bass Walkie Talkie is a great way to explore the fascinating surrounds of Seoul.


We tackle everything from short urban strolls in the depths of winter to 2–4 hour hikes along the 18.6 km Seoul City Wall Trail, which runs around the centre of the city, and the 157km long Seoul Dulle-Gil, which surrounds Seoul, and all day Super Walkie Talkies such as around Namhansanseong, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and hikes to the top of the granite peaks in the Bukhansan National Park. As you can see, there is something for everyone!

The details of each hike – the venue, the start time, the meeting place and some information about the walk itself – are posted on the calendar in Events and are also shared on the BASS members-only Kakao chat group and on the Bass Facebook page. Each walk is given a grading from easy to very difficult and everything in between so that you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for.

At the end of each hike we generally stop at a cafe or for lunch. We recommend that you wear hiking boots that have a good grip and are designed to protect your feet and ankles and we also recommend hiking sticks for the less experienced hikers.  Always bring along something to eat and plenty of water, and in cooler weather, lots of layers. 


We are a very friendly and welcoming walking group so pull on your boots and come hiking with us as we discover the fascinating trails, amazing temples and fantastic views around Seoul. Walkie Talkies are free for members or 10,000W for non-members, with all proceeds going to the charities that we support.


This is a monthly activity, that usually meets on a Monday mid-month at 7:00 pm at a restaurant or cafe.  This is a very casual bookclub intended to provide an evening of socializing. We also have a Kakao chat group.  Book Club members recommend books and then we vote.  

A list of upcoming books and past books can be found under the Book Club tab under the events tab.   Please visit the upcoming events section or contact us to find out more.

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Because who doesn't like a good crime drama?  
The genre of books we will read include, suspense, mystery, crime fiction, political spy fiction, psychological fiction and thrillers.   Join us for a coffee and chat even if you have not read the book.

We typically meet at 7:00pm on a Wednesday and this year we co-hosting this with the American Women's Cub.  A list of upcoming books and past books can be found under the Book Club tab under the Events tab.   Please visit the upcoming events section to RSVP or contact us to find out more.


BASS organizes visits to different area of Seoul. Often hosted by a BASS member who lives nearby or knows the neighbourhood well, we explore the highlights (shops, museums, markets or historical sites) of the area and then find a local restaurant or cafe where we enjoy coffee or lunch. 


If you would like to lead a neighbourhood walk, please let us know.  


Seoul Club* Mahjong Group

The Mahjong group is a multi-national group of women and men who enjoy getting together for the challenge of a fun game and meeting new people.


Everyone is welcome from the complete beginner to the most experienced player! For further information and to RSVP contact Kirstina at 010.2994.6515 or email her at 

You must join the Seoul Club Mahjong Group on FB to receive weekly information and to RSVP your attendance each week.



Throughout the year we organise activities to introduce traditional Korean culture. Working with local artisans and specialists, we learn the historical significance and techniques of various crafts and practices. 


Don't forget to check Upcoming events to see what's happening over the coming months and browse through our Facebook page to revisit past events. If you’d like to know more about what’s on when, please get in touch.



BASS is an international non-profit group run by volunteers. BASS cannot be held responsible for member's possessions, health or safety during any of our events. We recommend that members have their own personal medical insurance before attending events, especially the Walkie Talkies.  

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