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The British Association of Seoul (BASS) is a vibrant and active social group for expats and those with shared experiences of living abroad who live in and around Seoul. Our members come from over thirty different countries but they have called dozens more home. Britain is a country that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism and we are proud exponents of these values.

As a friendship group, we aim to enhance our members experiences of visiting and living in this mega-city and to provide financial assistance and voluntary time to specific charities in need.


Members can enjoy a lively and varied events schedule which could include hiking with experienced leads in the beautiful peaks around Seoul, learning to cook a different cuisine, discovering a new neighbourhood or simply turning up for coffee and a chat.

Members pay 50,000 KRW for annual BASS membership and 100% is donated to a named charity with community involvement.

Please browse through our website to find out more about BASS, who we are and what we do.

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