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BASS is proud to have supported many different charities over the years. During the past five years our fundraising has helped, amongst others: Big Mama’s House, an independent orphange; Anna House, which supports men who are homeless; Agit Youth, a supporter of youth who are homeless; Myongdo Welfare Centre, which runs projects to assist children and adults with mental and physical handicaps; Seoul Shelter for Women, caring for women who are mentally challenged; and New Light Community, providing care for those with HIV/AIDS.

Angle's Haven provides a home and support for disabled boys and young men in Seoul. They recently built a new facility in Eunpyeong, and BASS donated funds for a new café. We were invited to the opening ceremony in March 2019 and were very pleased to see how enthusiastic and happy everyone was with the home and the BASS café. 


There is always an ongoing need to support these, and many other, incredibly dedicated organisations. It is through the participation of our members in our activities and fundraisers that we can continue to help make a difference. Please join us in this!

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