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BASS has long been a supporter of the Myongdo Welfare Foundation in Mokpo, situated on the south western tip of the Korean peninsular. Sister Geraldine Ryan, a St Columban's sister from Ireland, passionately runs several homes for  children and young adults with various physical and intellectual disabilities.

In 2019 BASS donated 3 million KRW enabling Sister Geraldine to buy a special chair for a boy called Min Chan, totally changing his quality of life. Before, he spent most of his time lying down, now he has a chair to support him and so he sees the world around him differently. A further 1 million KRW was donated in 2020 to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This year we will help to buy an exercise bike which will enable some of the patients to work muscles which would otherwise deteriorate. 

There is a bakery at the centre and we have a project with Sister Geraldine to supply hot cross buns to the expat community!

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