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Johannah (Yoyo) Wegerdt

President 2024-25

I grew up in the Midlands, England until I was 18, when I started my international life in Japan. I have since worked in numerous countries in Asia and Africa as a humanitarian and development worker with a specialization in climate change and health.

Being a working mother, I appreciate BASS for cultural information and activities around Seoul and being a great community to connect with others. 


Edina Butler

Organisational Committee

I was raised in Los Angeles, California and have lived in several cities across the U.S. In 2012, our family moved to India and later, to Japan. In 2021, we made South Korea our home. Joining BASS was a great way to meet people from all over the world who know what it’s like to build community in a new place. When not out discovering the best of Seoul with BASS friends, I’m raising two teenage boys in Yeonhui-dong.  


Norline Juettner

Organisational Committee

I'm a proud mother of two wonderful children, both currently in their Middle Years Program. Since 2009, I've been living abroad as an expat wife, supporting my family while navigating the challenges of expat life. Lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam, Japan and currently, South Korea. One of my greatest passions is giving back to the community. I love getting involved in various activities and initiatives, making a positive impact wherever I can. Whether it's supporting my family or helping out in the community, I'm always eager to lend a helping hand. 


Robyn Schwarer

Organisational Committee

I hail from the land down under, starting my expat life many years ago (1985) in Papua New Guinea. Spending most of our time since then in Asia, the Middle East and Australia. We have three adult children and 2 grandchildren. In addition to travelling and making new friends, I love the great outdoors, especially bush walking, camping, birdwatching and gardening. When I can I also enjoy mahjong, reading and knitting. Arriving in sunny Seoul last August I consider myself very fortunate to have found BASS. So welcoming and friendly, ensuring I was not so overwhelmed during my first few months. Over the years, moving to and from countries, I too have found that groups such as BASS provide invaluable support and friendship to those of us who are making new lives away from our home countries, our extended families and friends. It is a privilege to help out in any small way I can. 


Susanna Wollschlaeger

Organisational Committee

Born and raised amidst the stunning forests of the Ore Mountains in eastern Germany, my passion for adventure and exploration began at a young age. I embraced traveling and studying abroad early on. In 2019, our family embarked on an exciting journey abroad, starting in Shanghai, China, and making Seoul our home since 2022.

The vibrant community at BASS has enriched my live, providing a sense of belonging through its diverse events and friendships.


Join our Organisational Committee!

Organisational Committee

If you’d like to get involved, please reach out to anyone on the organisational committee. We’d love your help.

Please share your great ideas on organising cultural events that help members discover history, culture, festivals, art and more about Korea  and activities to support charities.



Honorary Patron

I am very happy to be part of BASS, and I am full of admiration for all the work that the BASS Committee members and others put into making it a welcoming, active and thriving organisation which links non-Koreans living in Seoul with Koreans and Korean good causes. 

As I have moved from one city to another around the world over the past four decades, I have always valued the welcome and support offered by organisations like BASS. Come along to a BASS event, and you will meet interesting and friendly people!

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