Born and raised in Surrey in the UK, I have spent most of my adult life in Somerset. I have been living in Seoul since January 2017 when I accompanied my husband here for work. I have three young children that attend SFBS and have been busy supporting the SFBS Parent Association for the past 3 years. I enjoy planning trips and travelling around Korea and hope to continue exploring this fascinating country.  I’m honoured to be looking after the role of President of BASS.




I am a UK wife and mother who first discovered Seoul back in 2013 when I came on my first tour with my husband and teenage children. After 3 years here we were moved to Malaysia, but we love Seoul so much we came back for a second tour. We have 4 children, all now back in the UK. Since moving here I have discovered pottery, write poetry and enjoy the seasons and the unique way of life of Korea. I have sung in the Camarata choir and am also currently Chieftain of the St Andrew's Society.

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Originally from Scotland, I moved to London after University and lived there for 12 years, working as a management consultant for a large global firm. My job took me all over the world, so I got a real taste for living abroad and experiencing different cultures. My first proper expat experience came in 2012 when my family moved from England to Amsterdam. We had 6 wonderful years there before moving to South Korea last year.


Life in Seoul has been eventful (thanks COVID) but finding associations such as BASS has provided a sense of stability and friendship, which is comforting and essential in these times. I am pleased to take on the role of Memberships and be involved in many of the social activities.


Welfare Co-Chair


I was invited to join BASS as soon as I arrived in Seoul and through the events and activities that are offered (especially book club and volunteering at ESWS) I made new friends and soon felt part of a very welcoming and international community. As Welfare Co-Chair, I look forward to continuing the tradition of BASS as an active supporter of deserving charities in our host country.


Welfare Co-Chair


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Walkie Talkies


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Walkie Talkies


I grew up in the jungles of Borneo and the great outdoors is my life. I've been active in hiking, running and outdoor clubs for as long as I can remember, first in Borneo, then Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and now here in Seoul. I've been in Seoul just over a year and have been on some amazing walks already.  I'm pleased to be part of the BASS team that is creating opportunities for our members and friends to experience Seoul's great hiking trails. I hope you can join me and the BASS team for a walk sometime soon.


Web Support, Walkie Talkies, Book Clubs


Prior to moving to Seoul in August 2019, Hong Kong had been my home for many years.  I met my British husband in HK and we have two children, a daughter at Dulwich and a son at university in Maine. Having left behind a great hiking group and book club, I was thrilled to discover that BASS offered both.  Joining BASS has certainly made my transition easier and I’m truly inspired by all the positive, multinational people I’ve been privileged to meet in just a short time here.  I’m pleased to join the BASS committee and community that is now home. 


Honorary Patron


I am very happy to be part of BASS, and I am full of admiration for all the work that the BASS Committee members and others put into making it a welcoming, active and thriving organisation which links non-Koreans living in Seoul with Koreans and Korean good causes.  As I have moved from one city to another around the world over the past four decades, I have always valued the welcome and support offered by organisations like BASS.  Come along to a BASS event, and you will meet interesting and friendly people!